Gasoline in a bottle and the beach in Cambodia

Sihanoukville is a coastal city in Cambodia. It's the third largest after Siem Reap and the capital Phnom Penh. Just like so many other cities in the country, it is full of small villages where people live in wooden shacks. Just beside the road, only a few meters from the beach, I found this group of houses.

Woman has lunch on a hammock at noon in the village on the roadside, only a few meters from the beach.

Girl hides behind woman cooking food to sell. Some people would stop by on their scooters to buy food and take home.

This little girl saw me and was scared. My non-asian face was so unusual to her that she just grabbed her (I think) grandma.

On the same little strip, a little bit down the road, gasoline is sold in whiskey bottles.

Woman walks past carrying groceries balanced on her head.

At the "gas station", a group of people plays cards to pass time.

Heavy clouds get closer while it's still super sunny at the beach.

The locals like to play a version of volleyball, where you can't pass to your teammates and have to send the ball back over the net as soon as you get it. You also serve by using your feet.

A group of teenagers play football and barbecue seafood on the sand.

Tourists play in the water. The boy seems he's not liking it.

Chinese tourist rushes to the beach to play.